A researcher is interested in studying the effects of calories consumed on young people and old people. He recruits a group of 100 children from the local elementary school and tracks their progress in school. He also recruits a group of 100 elderly individuals from a local senior center. He matches each individual from the elderly group with an individual from the young group and compares the differences in calories between them, and then he averages those differences 1)            


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In the above scenario, what populations are being studied? (.5 points)



2)             In the above scenario, what are the samples being used? (.5 points)



3)             In the above scenario, what method of control is the experimenter using? (1 point)



4)             Is this a true experiment? Why or why not? (1 point)



5)             What is the dependent variable in this scenario? Is it discrete or continuous? (1 point)



6)             Draw a line matching the type of measurement with its appropriate scale (4 points)



Scale Age


Nominal Type of music


Ordinal Yelp score


Interval Dollars