A World Full of Language – Supporting Preschool English Learners

For this assignment, you will review the video and then writes notes for each section. You must use the document below to write your notes. You will not earn any points if use a different note format. Download the document and then type your notes directly into the document and submit it OR download the document, write your notes, scan your document and then submit it. Be prepared to discuss it the video during our next class meeting.

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Write notes for each section and a short reflection


  • Paths to Learning English (1:57)
    • Simultaneous Language Acquisition (2:03)







  • Successive Language Acquisition (3:30)
    • Home Language Stage (3:42)







  • Observational/Listening Stage (4:05)







  • Telegraphic/Formulaic Stage (4:39)
    • Fluid Stage (5:37)








  • Strategies that Support Second-Language Acquisition (6:30)
    • Honor the Home Language (6:37)








  • Create a Climate of Belonging (9:00)






  • Provide Scaffolds (11:06)









  • Focus on the Children’s Interests (13:31)









  • Encourage Peer Support (15:41)








  • Moving Towards Literacy (18:45)
    • Strengthen Interest in Print (19:18)








  • Draw Attention to Sounds (20:32)








  • Build Letter Knowledge (22:25)






  • Make Books and Stories Come Alive (23:30)








  • Link Literacy to Home and Community (25:37)









  • What was your overall impression about the video? Which part stood out to you and why?


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