The short essay question below on the Iran Contra Affair is based on both the documentary film, Coverup: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair, and the assigned class readings.

  1. Was President Reagan’s decision to get involved in Nicaragua ethical? Why or why not? (worth up to 3 points)
  2. Explain the arms-for-hostages proposal that was supported by President Reagan, National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane, and CIA Director William Casey. (worth up to 3 points)
      1. Was the decision to ignore the US embargo against Iran and sell them arms ethical? Why or why not? (worth up to 3 points)
      2. Which ethical theory can you rely on to best support your position (on question A above)? Explain. (worth up to 2 points)
  3. Explain why Lieutenant Colonial Oliver North testified that he was proud of his actions even if it meant lying to Congress. What was the rationale used to justify lying to Congress? (worth up to 3 points)
      1. What ethical theory would best support Oliver North’s moral stance? (worth up 3 points)
  4. Do you believe any of the lies and deceptions of the various public officials were justified and ethical? Explain why or why not by relying on at least one of the ethical theories learned in class. (worth up to 3 points)

International Political Relation Discussion

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