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  1. Assignment Content
    1. Imagine you are assisting a counselor at a community center by running a support group for soon-to-be mothers. Several ladies in the group have disclosed a love for drinking alcohol and utilizing substances. As an expert in the field of childhood development, help the group understand the potential delays or adverse impact teratogens may have on the healthy development of their children’s physical and neurological health. Create a tri-fold handout for each member of the support group. Use the front and back of 1 sheet of paper and complete the following:
      • Describe how the brain develops in the first year of life.
      • Discuss how positive experiences—such as physical comfort, play, and attentiveness—assist in healthy development.
      • Explain the risk factors related to drinking alcohol and using substances while pregnant.
      • Provides resources with preventive measures.
      • You can use Microsoft Word to create your tri-fold handout.

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