In order to function as change agents, social workers interact with others in a wide variety of organizations. Visiting a social work agency allows students of social work to get a glimpse of the form that these interactions may take.

For this Assignment, visit a nonprofit social service agency in your area and interview a social worker there.

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By Day 7 of this week, you identify your agency and the social worker you will collaborate with. Your Final Project, submitted in Week 10 of the course, should focus on the following.

During the interview:Focus on the social worker’s educational background and training.Determine whether the social worker is licensed, and find out about what brought him or her to the field as well as his or her work history.Inquire about the social worker’s job activities, professional roles, and target client group, as well as services provided by his or her organization.Determine the social worker’s professional work preferences (e.g., group, individual).Ask about professional development and the social worker’s strategies for self-care.

By Week 10, submit a 5- to 7-page written account of your findings that satisfies the guidelines detailed in the Project: Agency Visit and Paper Rubric.

The agency is State of Delware-Division of Vocational Rehabiliation