This paper needs to be written using APA formatting and this will include a title page, using internal citations and composing a reference page in APA format. There is a free  online APA guide to help you with this that is embedded within this assignment at the bottom of this web page along with helpful videos. Please don’t use MLA as this will not be acceptable.


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Chapter 9 is about Emerging Adulthood. Choose any topic that fits with this chapter. Discuss the article in your own words.You can have as many paragraphs as you deem fit. Your opinion does not belong in this area of the assignment but rather present the information from the academic/peer reviewed article . Minimum word count is 400.

2. Now, once you have finished the first part…… you can discuss your opinion on this article. What terms relate to this article? Minimum word count 300 words.

3. Titled Reference page with reference(s) in APA format.


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