Article III EXAMINATION AND REGISTRATION Section 8. Examination…

Article III EXAMINATION AND REGISTRATION Section 8. Examination…


Section 8. Examination Requirement.” All applicants for registration for the practice of civil engineering shall berequired to pass a technical examination as hereinafter provided. Section 9. Holding of Examination.” Examination of candidates desiring to practice civil engineering in the Philippines shall be given in the City of Manila of each year, provided that such days do not fall on official holidays, otherwise the examinations shall be held on the days next following.

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Section 10. Subjects of Examination.” Applicants for certificate of registration as civil engineer shall be examined, in the discretion of the Board, on the following subjects: mathematics, including algebra, plane and spherical trigonometry, analytics, descriptive and solid geometry, differential and integral calculus, and rational and applied mechanics; hydraulics; surveying, including highway and railroad surveying; plane, topographic and hydrographic surveying, and advance surveying; design and construction of highways and railroads, masonry structures, wooden and reinforced concrete buildings, bridges, towers, walls, foundations, piers, ports, wharves, aqueducts, sanitary engineering works, water supply systems, dikes, dams and irrigation and drainage canals.

Section 11. Executive Officer of the Board.” The Commissioner of Professional Regulation Commission shall be the executive officer of the Board and shall conduct the examinations given by the said Board. He shall designate any subordinate officer of the Professional Regulation Commission to act as the Secretary and custodian of all records including examination papers and minutes of the deliberation of the Board.

Section 12. Qualifications for Examination.” Any person applying for admission to the civil engineering examination as herein provided shall, prior to the date of the examination, establish to the satisfaction of the Board that he has the following qualifications: a. Be at least twenty-one years of age; b. Be a citizen of the Philippines; c. Be of good reputation and moral character; and d. Be a graduate of a four-year course in civil engineering from a school, institute, college or university recognized by the Government or the State wherein it is established.

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