Why confidence matters

Confidence is the act of trusting yourself. During a job interview, showing that you trust yourself is critical because it can lead your interviewer to trust in you, as well. Aim to communicate to your interviewer that you know you can do this job well. However, it is normal to feel nervous when interviewing, so try to take some time to practice how to appear confident before your meeting.

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Create a separate word document and in your own words complete each section explaining why/how it is important to appear confident in a job interview. You must indicate the exact word count at the end of each response.

1. Make eye contact (50 or more words)

2. Maintain good posture (50 or more words)

3. Practice breathing techniques (50 or more words)

4. Calm your fidgeting (50 or more words)

6. Prepare and rehearse your answers (50 or more words)

7. Talk slowly (50 or more words)

8. Dress the part (50 or more words)

9. Think positively (50 or more words)


***** You must cite any references you use in your responses *****