This assignment is designed to reinforce the concepts in Chapter 2.

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Questions 1-10 are from a series of online tutorials, followed by related questions. If you do the questions online, you will find that it is interactive. This is not the same thing as an exam, so you can work in groups if you like. 

Questions 1-10:

First, review atomic theory to learn more about the Basic Model of the Atom: (Links to an external site.)

If the link doesn’t work, paste this address into your browser window. 

Then take the quiz.

Download the worksheet:  svg icon downloadDownload Basic Chemistry Worksheet (UB).docx

Fill out this printed sheet as you go. The computer will help you with the answers and explain the logic. Transfer your answers to the worksheet below, and submit them to Canvas. 

Questions 11-17: The answers for these can be found in the Canvas videos, as indicated on the worksheet. .