Define benchmarking and the role it plays in strategic planning in Health Care as a performance improvement tool. Identify the four categories of benchmarking and explain the importance of each within strategic planning. Outline the steps that one would follow from begin to end of a benchmark assessment. Refer to Chapter 21 in your textbook. Discussion Question 1

Anticipating future events is a huge focus in health care today. We have a number of different assessment tools and frameworks in place today that assist with this focus. Discuss the similarities and differences of Six Sigma methodology and the balanced scorecard concept. Both of these have been used in the business setting for many years with great success and have recently been applied and used within health care. Cite a least one reference to support your answer. Discussion Question 2

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What drives the current regional conflicts in the world? Describe how these conflicts impact inequality within and between nations. Question 3

Discuss how moral leadership can lead to global resilience. Support your response with peer-reviewed resources. Question 4

Benefits of Social Research in Healthcare Discussion