• Option 1: What is your favorite social media tool? If you do not have one, pick one for this chapter’s analysis. What makes it special? What is/are its strengths and weaknesses? Make sure to reference your social media tool. Note: If the social media tool happens to be the same app you have picked for Chapter 7, either pick another social media tool or pick another Option below.
  • Option 3: Google Anti-trust case: One of the reasons how Google came into power was due to the public’s distrust of Microsoft’s coercive dominance and monopolistic stance on the world during the 1990s and early 2000. As such, Google has adopted the motto to reflect that era, “don’t be evil.” (Alphabet, 2020, Sep 25, footer). Microsoft since has lost its grip on global domination but still struggles to undue the old stigma that they have created. Meanwhile, Google has since climbed to dominate global search engine and ads marketing. Read this article (Bloomberg, 2021, June 28) and explain if you believe Google has failed or learned from Microsoft’s error?

Effects of Globalization Essay

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