APA with in-text citations (Not foot notes) and references at the end of each question

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Reference material ONLY from the readings and/or lecture for your answers


In regard to Quebec’s separatist movements following the Quiet Revolution, which of the following is the primary focus of their concerns: cultural, economic, political, or environmental issues? Explain your answer.

**It is important to note that these different categories of issues do not exist in isolation. So, this question is asking for your analysis – which issues do you think were primary? A complete answer will

(1) explain why you choose the one you did

(2) discuss issues in other categories were relevant but not primary, and

(3) cite Parizeau’s An Independent Quebec.

You are encouraged draw from other sources as well.

Estimated length: 1 paragraph of 5-6 sentences

Uploaded File(Can use as references)

1. Lecture week4

2. Reading1 An Independent Quebec


What does it say about the Canadian nation that, besides Indigenous struggles for sovereignty, there has never been a significant secessionist movement from Ontario?

**In class, we discussed secessionist sentiments from the Maritimes, Quebec, the Plaines, and the West Coast.

We never discussed any from Ontario. What does this say about the Canadian political project of nation-building? A complete answer will

(1) define nationalism in your own words and

(2) apply the concept to this example

Estimated length: 1 paragraph of 5-6 sentences

Uploaded File(Can use as references )

1.Lecture Week4

3. Lecture week5



What tropes of the Canadian nation are being invoked in the ad “Tim Hortons True Stories: Welcome Home.” Why do you think these tropes are being used in this way by this company?

**Watch the ad at the link below. If you are not familiar with Tim Hortons, a brief description has been provided below.

Time Hortons. (2017). “Time Horton True Stories: Welcome Home”.

** Tim Horton’s is often considered Canada’s national restaurant chain, with many of its signature items becoming important national symbols (i.e., TimBits, the Double Double). The restaurant was founded in 1964 by Tim Horton, a former professional hockey player. As of 2018, there are nearly five thousand locations across Canada. In 2014, the quintessentially Canadian restaurant was purchased by Burger King, an American restaurant chain.

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