Case 1: Popoy is a civil engineer by profession with special…

Case 1: Popoy is a civil engineer by profession with special…

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Case 1:

Popoy is a civil engineer by profession with special training in transportation engineering. His client asked him to prepare house structural plan “just like the guy down the road”. Popoy obtained the plans, copied them and signed, sealed and dated them. What fundamental canon/s did Popoy violated?

Case 2:

Francis is a professional civil engineer in the Philippines. He designs a complicated pipeline system and determines that lined ductile iron pipe is the only appropriate material to use to protect the health and welfare of the public. His extensive analysis determines that PVC, HDPE and pre-stressed concrete (PSC) are not appropriate for the conditions. Francis’s boss is a CE, but loves the guy who sells PSC pipe and changes the spec to PSC to help him out. What potential issues do Francis or his boss have with their CE Licenses? What could happen?

Case 3:

Jay is the Vice President of an engineering firm. He has BS Civil Engineering with 20 years experience (much of it in project management and client relations). He is one of two people with a CE License in the firm. The firm designs a major building in Makati. His firm divides the work into five areas he supervises: structural, electrical, process, mechanical and architectural. The structural design chief is not licensed, nor is the electrical section chief. When the project is to be bid and permitted, Jay signs all the plans. What ethical problems do you see?