Fossil Identification

For this activity you will need to watch the short video(s) for each fossil. You have been provided with key characteristics for each fossil in the fossil handout . You will need to identify each fossil using your observations for each video and the information provided with them. You only need to indicate if the fossil […]


The midterm paper requirement may be satisfied in any one of several (five or six) ways, which will be posted at one-week intervals from mid-October to late November.  In order to receive full credit for this portion of the course, you must write on one of them; but you shouldn’t write on more than one.  […]

Political Science Developments Discussion

Reaction Paper Assignment Purpose of Assignment The purposes of a reaction paper are to help you develop a more thorough understanding of that week’s readings, to assist you in preparing for class discussion. What is a Reaction Paper? A reaction paper is not a summary or description of the information in the readings. Instead, your […]

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