1. In one paragraph, summarize the Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) approach and goals (in your own words).  

2. In REBT the counselor seeks to detect irrational beliefs that are creating disturbances.  Explain each of the following factors that help to detect irrational thinking: 
a. overgeneralization
b. distortions
c. deletions
d. catastrophizing
e. condemning

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3. Discuss two techniques used in REBT.  

Please read Chapter 13 in your book and the corresponding outline prior to answering the following questions. 

4. Explain the following Cognitive Behavior Techniques:
a. Socratic questioning
b. Problem-solving
c. Cognitive restructuring
d. Self Monitoring
e. De-catastrophizing 

5. Describe Cognitive-Behavioral  Play Therapy  (including goals and techniques).  

6.  Describe the therapeutic relationship in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.