Help Critique paper  

-I need someone professional in Psychology Behavioral Neuroscience

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-A summary and critique of a scientific research article on a topic in Behavioral Neuroscience

-Topic ( such as learning and memory, Neuroanatomy, Hormones & Behavior, Sleep & sleep disorders, Abnormal Development/Aging, Behavioral Disorders, Motor Control, Sensory processing etc..)

  -it has to be NON-REVIEW ARTICLES AND MUST BE EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH FROM A SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL. You may use GOOGLE SCHOLAR or MEDLINE databases to find the correct article types

-The critique should be 2-3 typed pages, 12 point font with one-inch margins with APA style

-Well-written, critical analysis of issue.  The student demonstrates an understanding of researcher’s positions, but does not spend excessive time summarizing those points.  The student clearly critiques the article using correct APA format in the body of the text and in the reference section.  The paper is within the limits specified (2-3 typed, double-spaced pages).  The style of writing is clear, concise, and creative.  No spelling/grammar errors

-pls on your own word


-attached is a sample