This week’s Short Paper Assignment asks to take a deep look into the challenges members of the LGBTQI+ communities face in different culture around the globe.  After reading about the Muxe of Mexico, select a culture or nation that interests you and dig into its acceptance/rejection of individuals whose sexual orientation differs from the binary definitions long believed to be normal.

In prepping your outline for Short Paper #4–Cross-Cultural Examination of Homosexuality, make sure you include the following:

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  • An introductory paragraph that sets up your analysis, tell your reader what they are about to read and why they should be interested in the report.
  • A brief summary of the country you’ve selected to investigate.
  • An overview of the historical, political and social challenges members of the LGBTQI+ communities face in the country you’ve selected.
  • A description any Gay Rights groups found in the country and a brief review of their strategies towards acceptance.
  • And finally, a summary paragraph that ties everything together.  You want your reader to walk away knowing more than they did before about the acceptance/rejection of LGBTQI+ communities in the country you investigated and the conclusions you’ve reached.

Hope this helps.