The purpose of this assignment is to provide you feedback on your research topic and its feasibility -i.e. whether or not the topic is suitable to collect data and assess its sensitivity. I strongly encourage you to consider a research topic that is NOT controversial, NOT sensitive and doable. I will not accept research projects that will raise ethical issues. The proposal will also help you do preliminary research on your subject and a preliminary literature review. Please note that you are to refrain from data collection in public. You cannot choose field work/observations for example. If you choose “interviewing” or “focus group” as a method, you will NOT be conducting interviews in person (unless you live with them). You may conduct interviews via phone/skype/email. Or you may choose document/content analysis where you will collect data from journals, art work (music?), internet, or public documents.

Your proposal will include the following and should not exceed 3 pages in total:

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(1) identify the topic that you are interested in;

(2) your research question and its societal significance (2 references);

(3) A theoretical framework and the reason why it is applicable to your question (1 reference);

(4) One qualitative research method (1 reference)

(5) Your -target- sample (age, gender, other characteristics) and how you will recruit them.

(6) In addition, please include an annotated bibliography of 4 references (see above) relevant to your paper.

Annotations are a brief summary of an article or chapter. Annotated Bibliography, Out of 4 resources: 2 references should be on the issue (previous research conducted on your research topic/issue which will also speak to the societal significance of your research), 1 reference should be on your theoretical framework (how has it been used by researchers, or how/why it was developed), and 1 resource on your method of choice (say, if you will chose email interviews then you will find an article or book chapter which defines it, or which shows its range of applications).The proposal will be maximum 3 pages: You can outline (1), (2), (3), (4) & (5) in maximum two pages, and the annotated bibliography on the third page.