Discussion 6 – Career Transition… What do I Want to be When I Grow Up!

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A friend shares with you that she has been unhappy and unfulfilled at her current job. She is asking for your advise regarding her career options.

You learned in a college Business Communication class at UB that people’s identity, personal fulfillment, lifestyle, income, family and retirement are important factors in shaping their happiness. You remember a list of questions that someone in a career transition should put together so:

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  1. What advice would you offer her?
  2. What questions should she ask of herself to help her decide her next career move?

Remember, you need to post (AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM) of 3 times in this weekly conversation:

  • 1 post answering the main topic(s) on Monday or Tuesday (no later than Wednesday)
  • 2 posts responding to other students on separate days of the week. For example:
    • one on Thursday
    • one on Friday

Per the syllabus, you have an opportunity to be eligible for top grades…

  • Enter 4 responses (5 or more total entries)
  • Use references to support your thoughts, ideas & opinions!