Ernest Hemingway: Author Bio

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Ernest Hemingway: Big Two-Hearted River: Part I and Part II


ee cummings: I carry your heart with me ( I carry it in my heart)


ee cummings:  Buffalo Bill’s defunct


ee cummings:  In just spring


T. S. Eliot: Author Bio




T. S. Eliot: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock


TS Eliot:  The Hollow Men




Part I: Identify three symbols in the readings from this week and discuss what you think those symbols mean in the context of the story or poem in which they are found.




Part II: Based on Hemingway and TS Eliot, what are your impressions of the “Modern Man”?




Part III: Share a web-based resource that you located that gave you more information about one of our readings this week, about Modernism, about WWI or about a specific author we covered. It could be a video or a website with text. Explain how the source contributed to your understanding. Is it the kind of source you could use in a literary essay, or is it better for ‘preliminary research’ and overall understanding, but not appropriate for academic use? Why?




Initial discussion should be at least 200 words. It must include MLA citations – both in-text and an end citation. Citations are not counted as part of your 200 word count requirement