Due Wed 03/05/2014 at 2:00pm  (PST)


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This is a biochemisty and organic class that i am taking at an evangalical christian school and need a tutor that practicies christianity.


The assignment instructions are below:

One of the theories of how life originated is that organic molecules came together in the ocean and life was created.


Please see the attached PDF and respond to the following

-Explore this topic in more detail and summarize how specifically a living molecule was supposed to have formed from an organic substance.


-According to the Bible, life started when God spoke it into existence. What flaws do you see with the theory that life came from organic compounds?


-The article cites several different types of organic molecules that were to have formed in early earth. Pick one molecule and describe how scientists theorize it formed. What are the inaccuracies with their method?


-With respect to the article, what evidence is there to support creationism? Find an outside source other than wikipedia that will support this evidence.


Please use apa format, reference and cite the answers.


There is no word count…it just has to be a substantial response.






This instructor uses a program called “Turn It In” to check for plagarism. So please do not plagarize.