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I’m working on a psychology question and need guidance to help me learn.


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Paragraph 1: In the introductory paragraph, state clearly which aspect of your childhood or adolescent period you want to focus on in writing this essay. For example, mention if you want  to write this essay looking back at your development when you were a 10 year-old, or if you want to write this essay from your current perspective, as in who you are today. In your own words define culture.

Paragraph 2: Microsystem: Describing your family, your peers, your school/child care, your community, in short explain your own Microsystem here.

Referring to Hofstede’s Model, state some of the rituals that you practiced and continue to practice, who did you consider or look up to as your heroes, what are some symbols that you consider a part of your identity. Please use specific examples and do not write in general terms like saying “ some rituals people observe are—”. You are writing this essay based on your own specific experiences growing up.

Paragraph 3: Mesosystem: Giving specific examples, describe some elements of your Mesosystems and explain how these have contributed to your current development as an individual.

Paragraph 4: Exosystem: Giving specific examples, describe some elements of your own Exosystems and explain how these have contributed to your current development as an individual. Compare your Exosystem to the previous generation, such as the lack of social media or the appearance of covid-19 in your life. How has it made you different? Has anything remained the same between you and the previous generation? Explain.

Paragraph 5: Macrosystem: Describe elements of your Macrosystem and refer to Hofstede’s explanation of inner cultural values. Do you consider values as being an important aspect of our identity development? What are some values that you hold sacred and why?

Paragraph 6: In the conclusion paragraph, now that you understand the different systems and how they directly impact one’s life, how or will this change your interactions with others? Also mention if writing this essay fulfilled our CLO5: Students will be able to study and appreciate the fact that individual behavior is a product of the interaction of social institutions, culture, and environment.