First part:

There are two lab activities for this week. The Earth-Sun Relationships lab is in this week and should be downloaded and either printed out, solved manually, and scanned into a pdf and submitted here OR filled out as the Word document. Be sure to refer to the Help pages and the Introductory Reading pages (required).

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Important: One objective of the Earth-Sun Relationships lab is to improve your familiarity with working with a globe or working with a world atlas. (The globe is preferred to help with the context of the Earth-Sun relationships.) You may not use the internet for looking up locations for the lab! And for question C please note that it asks for the “nearest large city.” Since it is only accurate to one degree of latitude and longitude it will frequently place you in a suburb of the large city. The question asks for the large city it is nearest. A basic globe is sufficient for this determination.

The Mineral Kit exercise is an introduction to properties, identification and classification of minerals and is based on a mineral kit that you purchase. See the information on that exercise for details on purchasing. Each activity is worth 20 points, for a total of 40 points possible earned this week.

Part 2: Lab Assignment 2B: the Mineral Test Kit. Obtain a Basic Mineral Study Kit

Mineral Study Kit (15 Specimens). Option for obtaining:

Order from Home Science Tools in Billings, MT. You want product RM-MISTUDY, Mineral Study Kit, 15 Specimens.

The cost is $15.95 plus shipping. Order online at or call 406-256-0990.

Alternate Source: This is a very similar kit that should have the same mineral samples

Scott Resources Mineral Study Kit

  • Order from School Specialty in Greenville, WI. You want product 111-2670

The cost is $15.89 plus shipping. Order online at or call 888-388-3224

Once you have your mineral kit, complete the exercise below. Use a textbook if you have one or the suggested internet resources to help you define the terms given and answer the questions. Study the information on Minerals in the table and use it to help you sort the minerals by color, luster, and specific gravity as instructed. Make the comparisons and answer the questions asked, and include a photo of your sorted minerals for each characteristic. (Look up the specific gravity values  of the minerals at or some other website.)