You learned what constitutes a family problem and various theories that address family stress and resilience. Chapter 2 of your text discussed policy and practice responses to family problems. Please use your readings and research peer-reviewed journal articles in the Purdue Global Library to support your post.

Please respond to the following:

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  • Identify one family problem and discuss the barriers to resiliency that a family may face in overcoming this problem.
    • Briefly discuss the type of organizations or social services delivery systems that could be helpful to a family dealing with this problem.
  • Identify the protective factors that can contribute to family resilience.
    • Discuss how protective factors can benefit families in high-risk living environments.
  • Using Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory, identify how the ecology of a family can impact resilience.
  • Discuss the role, if any, that stigma towards human services or mental health services plays in family resilience.

Females with Addiction to Alcohol