BUS-225: Legal Environment of Busines

Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.

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  1. Download and read the file Hobby Lobby Case.docx.
  2. Watch the video at 28:28: Business Law I: Lecture 2, Chapter 4
  3. Also read “The Supreme Court Applies the First Amendment to Some, but Not to Others

Respond to the prompts that follow. Each response should be 50 to 75 words.

  1. Please provide a summary of the facts of this case. Your summary should include what the Conestoga, Hobby Lobby, and Mardel companies objected to as part of their religion. Your summary should also include how the federal government became a party to this case.

What statutory law passed by Congress was at issue in this case?

  1. Which Constitutional law principle(s) were at issue here, and what test did the Supreme Court apply? (Rational Basis Scrutiny?)

How many contraceptives does the federal government require an employer health insurance plan to provide, and did Conestoga, Hobby Lobby, and Mardel have company policies forbidding employees from using the four contraceptives at issue? Did the companies object to providing any form of contraceptives to their employees?

  1. What was the Supreme Courts holding in this case?What if a business owner studied scientific journals and came to the belief that a baby’s life begins at conception, or shortly thereafter, and then objected to the provision of the four contraceptives in this case? Would they have a Constitutional argument they could make in order to protect their conscience if they were an atheist and did not recognize any form of religion?

Business Law Legal Issues Paper