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Sean is drunk most of the time he is home. He rarely attends his children’s sporting events or school activities and defaults on most of his responsibilities for helping to care for the home. In spite of the fact that he does not try to participate in these family activities, he tells his wife that he feels guilty about his lack of involvement.

Answer the following:


o    Which stage of the Transtheoretical Model of Change do you think Sean is in? Explain your answer.


o    Do you believe that Sean feels guilty? Why or why not?


o    How would you describe the tension Sean lives with wanting to do something he considers important but feeling he is unable to do it?


o    What can Sean’s wife and children do to begin their own process of healing?  Should they wait until Sean seeks treatment?  Why or why not?

 Read the scenario about Sean and the questions posed. Please be sure to answer the question fully, citing resources from the text, lectures, or other scientific resources. Be sure to address the following grading criteria in your answer:
     Which stage of the Transtheoretical Model of Change do you think Sean is in? Explain your answer.Taken a nonjudgmental attitude toward Sean.Commented on whether Sean could in fact feel guilty despite taking no action to relieve the guilt.Addressed Sean’s emotional state and identified opposing forces.Explain when and how Sean’s wife and children can begin their process of healing. 


Here are a few resources on the Transtheoretical Model of Change and denial that you may find helpful in completing your assignment:





Be sure to:

Apply information from your readings and lectures to your response using appropriate APA format citations and references.

Check for spelling and grammar errors before submitting


Please check for spelling and grammar errors, and proofread for errors before submitting. Must use United States/English words


Must use as one of 3 references required



Drugs in Perspective


Richard Fields

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Must use United States/English words