In completing the assignment, please address the following questions:How would you characterize yourself? This could be your racial/ethnic identity, your social class background, your gender, your sexuality, etc. Has your identity changed overtime and if so, how?How do your identities compare or contrast with your family members’ identities?  Has this difference ever caused a conflict?How has stratification played out in your life? (Ex: education, labor market, family, religion, etc.)How has socialization influenced your life? How has socialization contributed to your cultural beliefs?What has sociology taught you about your life experiences? Has sociology changed your perspective on the world? Has sociology changed your perspective on your career?

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Formatting:4-6 pages, double spaced (NOT including references)1” marginsTimes New Roman fontIncorporate all relevant course material (videos, lecture, readings, etc.) You should use your personal opinion but also include the course materialCitations need to be in ASA or APA format: in-text citations and reference page