Kaplan University

CE300: Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood

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Psychology / Applied Behavior Analysis

Topic: Implementing Authentic Assessment


You will watch two videos this week. The first video, “ Observing Children in Authentic Contexts  ” is a resource for you to listen and watch how an experienced observer uses those skills to observe and assess young children. This video will help you as you strengthen your observation and assessment skills. The second video is of children “  Building with Blocks  ” and you will view this and discuss authentic observation techniques with your classmates on the Discussion Board.


Video – Observing Children in Authentic Contexts:


Video – Building with Blocks:



Please view the video, “Building with Blocks,” with four-year-old children.

1.          Identify a form of authentic assessment that would be appropriate for these children. Why?

2.          How is the natural learning environment an appropriate setting for authentic assessment?

3.          Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the method you chose.

4.          How would you record data?

5.          What additional method of assessment would you also like to use, and why?




Chapter 8 from the textbook (attached)

Chapter 9 from the textbook (attached)


Video: Ohio Department of Education. How to design and select quality assessments. Retrieved from http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Teaching/Educator-Evaluation-System/How-to-Design-and-Select-Quality-Assessments