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ECH/301: Foundations Of Early Childhood Education

Wk 1 – Evolution of Early Childhood Education Timeline [due Mon]

Assignment Content

Without having knowledge of our country’s education history, it would be almost impossible to understand today’s education system. The United States’ education history reveals many examples of how politics, special-interest groups, social class, religion, and cultural and ethnic diversity have influenced our schools. As an early educator, it will be critical to be familiar with past events to help guide your teaching philosophy. Create a timeline using an online resource of your choice (e.g., Office Timeline, MyHistro, Timeline JS), to display how early childhood education has evolved throughout history. These timeline apps are suggestions, powerpoint or word works just fine.
Include the following on your timeline:

At least 8 entries total

At least 6 of those entries describing important government mandates that have made major contributions to the field of early childhood education

Examples of federal and state mandates

Explanation for each entry

The current organizational structure of the American education system

  1. How the events described on your timeline influenced your decision to become a teacher

Why it is important for a teacher to stay abreast of new ideas and understandings in the field

What you hope to contribute to the field of education

Early Childhood Development