Review the article “External Conversations: An Unexpected Discovery About the Critical Friend in Action Research Inquires.” Reflect on the value of external conversations in communicating your findings.Review the article “Light Touch Critical Friendship.” Consider how to offer critical friendship.Search online for a resource on creating PowerPoint presentations and prepare a10–15 slide PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the following about your assigned case:Background and diagnosis of the defendant in your assigned caseDetermination of the defendant’s competency to stand trial. Justify your determination.Selection of two potential jurors for the defendant’s trial. Justify your selections.Presentation of diagnostic criteria for the defendant’s mental disorderDescription of possible treatment plan, based on mental disorder, for the convicted individual. Description of roles of those involved with implementing the treatment plan within the correctional setting.

This presentation is a high level summary of your main points. It should include concise, clear language. In each slide, present a key finding with supporting commentary presented in the Notes section below the slide. Make use of bullets, tables, and other formats to ensure you are presenting the necessary information clearly and succinctly.

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By Day 4, post your PowerPoint presentation to the appropriate thread for your case study group.