Topic4 Gender:

In what ways do families socialize children to be boys or girls? What is the benefit of this gender socialization and what are ways that perhaps it could change if we want a more egalitarian society according to the reading.

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Discuss the changes in gender roles within the household and in the paid labor force. What does the literature say about gender roles in marriage and their relationship to divorce these days? What do you think about this subject?

Readings and Videos

Read these first Doing Gender – Candance West & Don H. Zimmerman West & Zimmerman Reading.pdf The social construction of gender and families – Coltrane & Adams Coltrane & Adams Chapter 1(1).pdf Cherlin Chapter 3 – Gender and Families, pgs. 81-108 Topic 4 Gender.pdf Risman & Rutter 34 – Betwixt and Be Tween: Gender Contradictions Among Middle Schools, Barbara J. Risman and Elizabeth Seale, pgs. 570-592 28 – The Power of Queer: How “Guy Moms” Challenge Heteronormative Assumptions about Mothering and Family, Raine Dozier, pgs. 458-474

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