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Beach nourishment is often controversial. Go through these Sun Sentinel articles on local beach nourishment issues like:

Sand Bypass Plan Needed and Floirda has spent more than $100 million pouring more sand unto beaches in the past three years. Is it time to waive a white flag?

Then, visit this Palm Beach County website to find out the latest status of beach nourishment (construction) projects.

1. Explain the concept of beach nourishment.

2. Describe in detail how beach nourishment is accomplished. Include what equipment is used and from where the sand is acquired to build up the beach.

3. What if anything surprised you after learning about beach nourishment? Explain.

4. What is your opinion? Should beaches be left to erode and build back up naturally, or should municipalities do whatever it takes to find the sand to keep beaches in about the same place and to about the same width as expected? For example, should the beach in front of the Breakers Hotel be expected to be the same as it was 90 years ago when the hotel was built?

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