The strategy of a strategic plan can sometimes change or shift directions due to a change with the organization. This is fairly common but the strategy that we use to implement this change can greatly impact the overall outcome of the strategic initiative or entire strategic plan. Imagine you are a top health care executive in a biotechnology firm that has grown rapidly due to the first drug of its kind being approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Based on this approval the organization has now decided that it will proceed down two new drug development paths, while they continue ongoing adaptive research on the first drug. The organization has decided that it seems appropriate at this time to reorganize in order to accommodate the new strategic initiatives. What changes in organizational structure would you recommend at this time and exactly how would you go about moving from the current structure to the new one? Discussion Question 1

Identify the three variables that help an organization understand the level of competitive advantage present within their initiative? Explain the role and importance of these three variables in the creation of strategic goals. Discussion Question 2

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Discuss the topic of social change by comparing a Christian worldview perspective with a sociological worldview perspective. What important elements are connected to each perspective? Compare and contrast in your response. Discussion Question 3

Using your chosen social problem as a topic, list the active social change campaigns addressing the problem and compare the strengths and weaknesses in each campaign. Provide a link to the campaign sites. Discussion Question 4

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