You must address this in their biography:

1. Full name of the person and you must include a picture of them (less than 2 x 2 inch) at the beginning of the essay. Title is the name of your environmentalist.

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2. Date of birth (if they are deceased include date of death), age and where they were born.


3. Personal facts/history:

a. Education background

b. Family background

c. Profession and career history


4. Environmental connection:

a. What are they famous for (describe their life’s work)?

b. Describe the facts related to their contribution to environmental science? As much detail as you can find. (What, how, why, where, etc…)

c. How did their work change history in respect to the environment?

d. How does their work influence/ contributes back to environmental science?

e. How does their work impact us in the present/ future?


5. Your personal opinion:

a. Why have you chosen this person?

b. What impressed you in them?

c. Can you or do you already apply your environmentalist work to you own life?

d. Any personal/ emotional connection to that person? (optional)


6. Must include literature cited with your references This is in essay format in MLA style. The length is two pages. Picture has to be less than 2 x 2 inches.