1st question: using Answer the following questions either browsing or using the search bar. Short answers are fine but just make sure that the questions are part of the response.

  1. According to the COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor Dashboard, what group was most likely to report that they will “Definitely Not” get the vaccine? Was there a difference by age and gender? According to the Latest Data on COVID-19 Vaccinations by Race and Ethnicity (November 2021), which state has the highest and lowest vaccination rate? What percentage of Georgians are vaccinated?
  2. According to the KFF Health Tracking Poll in October 2021, what percent say a family member gets ongoing help with daily activities from family members? What is the top reason why people say they are unable to get help with everyday activities? What type of care among adults ages 65 and older stated that it is very or somewhat difficult to afford to pay? What percentage of the public viewed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) very or somewhat favorably? What party viewed it most and least favorably?
  3. How many states have not taken up the Medicaid Expansion under the Affordable Care Act? What are two major benefits of Medicaid expansion? How many people were enrolled in the Medicaid Expansion in Georgia in 2016? California in 2016? (Hint see 2016 Medicaid Expansion interactive map). Are the uninsured rates the same or different for Georgia and California? (Hint see Uninsured rates among nonelderly by state, 2019)
  4. What was the leading cause of deaths among adults in the US in Sept 2021? What group is most vulnerable to dying of COVID? What is the average cost of COVID-19 hospitalization? What is the estimated number of unvaccinated adults hospitalized primarily for COVID-19 in US (from June – Aug 2021)?What is the estimated preventable cost for unvaccinated COVID-related adult hospitalization? (Hint: See Peterson-KFF Health System Tracker)
  5. Spend some time browsing the website, view some videos/graphics/reports and/or interactives and take the Health Reform Quiz. What is something new you learned about the US healthcare system?

2nd question: include: 1) citation of the assigned reading; 2) major concepts and/or theories addressed; 3) a brief summary; 4) a critique of the reading What are the strengths and weakness of the argument/data/etc.? What did not make sense to you? Do you agree or disagree with this perspective, what is stated, methods, conclusions, etc.?); and 5) two thoughtful questions for the class – these will be the basis of our class discussion.

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Links for two readings for second question: