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Write about one of

the following.
1. Pick a specific weather event (e.g. Hurricane Katrina). Describe how it formed, its
environmental and human impacts, and how events like these might change in a warming climate.
In the example of hurricanes, good details to provide are general wind directions from large-scale
atmospheric cells (e.g. Hadley cells), wind direction from the Coriolis force, and where
hurricanes tend to form.
2. Pick a specific weather feature (hurricanes, tornadoes, etc) and describe how they form, their
environmental and human impacts, and how they might change in a warming climate (see info
3. Pick a specific air pollutant and describe natural and anthropogenic emission sources, their
human impact, and how they are regulated. Additional key information to include is: residence
time of pollutant, trends in emissions in US, and any feedbacks to other systems (also a
greenhouse gas)?
4. Your choice – can be about policy or engineering or art, as long as it includes a link to air
pollution, weather, or climate systems that we learned about in class. (Does not need to follow
paper structure listed below).El Nino Southern Oscillation Geology Question