Topics are about Indigenous History , and United Farm Workers ***

here is the instructions how to make the presentation ?

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What the Presentation should cover?

The presentation should cover 2 Topics.

What should the Topics be about?

One topic is a broad topic, for example it can be about Mexican Muralism. The other topic is a specific topic, it could be about the art work of Ester Hernandez.

How to Present the topics?

You can present the topics through a mixed-media format.

Here’s an example of an Agenda for the Presentation that you could make for yourself (but you don’t need to, and you don’t need to turn one in if you do make on for yourself…this is just to help if you need it):

1) Welcoming classmates into the presentation, and letting them know what the presentation will cover.

( 3minutes – the running total is 3 minutes)

For example –

a. Sharing what the two topics are

b. Saying which one is broad

c. And which one is specific

d. And then briefly saying what you will be doing – like watching a couple video clips about Ester Hernandez’s art work, sharing perspectives and discussing what Mexican Muralism is for you, and having some time to draw or write in the spirit of Ester Hernandez’s “Sun Mad Raisins” art piece (so you could leave time to do a small art activity like that, for example).

2) Show 2 powerpoint slides about Mexican Muralism to classmates and read through them.

(5 minutes – the running total is 8 minutes)

a. Cover how the theory was made

b. Go over the year Dr. Atl and los 3 Grandes Muralistas – the inventors of the theory – made it, and why they wanted to do it in the first place (i.e. debunking the national Europeanized mythology and traditional idea of Mexico being about just Spanish or neo-imperialist US culture)

c. Cover what the theory is briefly

d. Go over each of the ‘tres grande’ Mexican Muralists very briefly

3) Showing video and/or images to illuminate what the topics are about.

(5 minutes – the running total is 13 minutes)

a. Show one video of Ester Hernandez talking about his work

b. Show another video of Ester Hernandez’s “Sun Mad Raisin” art piece.

4) Dialoguing and drawing about the connection between the two topics

(2 minutes – the running total is 15 minutes)

a. Stating what connection you see between the two topics (i.e. Ester Hernandez is brilliant, in such a passionate way, and in a way that Mexican Muralism would acknowledge to be how and why Mexican Muralism started and expanded in a dynamic and diversified way, especially using ‘Counter narratives de los de ‘abajo”)

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