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Watch: You will watch the film “Through Deaf Eyes” Afterwards, you will type a reflection based on several of the topics covered in this movie.

your responses to the following reflection questions:

  1. What did you think of the film?
  2. What stood out for you?
  3. What did you learn about Deaf culture, community, and history?
  4. Did the film reinforce something you already knew about the Deaf community? Explain.
  5. Describe something of your experience that the film reflects.
  6. Describe anything in the film that you feel might have been left unsaid.
  7. What does the “quiz” given at the beginning of the movie reflect? What does it imply?
  8. Do these questions represent common perceptions of the Deaf? Explain.
  9. Does the film demystify issues related to deafness? Explain.
  10. What impact did the film make on your understanding of deafness and the Deaf community?


Do: Pick one of the questions below and answer an approximately 200 words (or about one page) essay if giving a thoughtful reflective answer. Be sure to use and cite outside resources to help you with your answers using MLA or APA style format.

  1. What would you see as the pros and cons of “mainstreaming,” that is, including your child in regular “hearing” classrooms? This seems to be the predominant current approach to educating deaf children. Do you agree with it or disagree, and why? What do you think a Deaf child’s experience is like in that situation?
  2. Cochlear implants are devices that create a kind of hearing based on electrical signals. Still, these implants do not recreate normal human hearing. In the Deaf Community, Cochlear Implants have been controversial because if being Deaf is a view, not a disability, it doesn’t need fixing. What, in your opinion, are the strengths and weaknesses of that argument?
  3. If a culturally Deaf person had the chance to regain full hearing, what do you suppose their decision would be and why? How do culturally Deaf people view music and signing songs? Is their view/appreciation/value of music the same as it is for hearing people?

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