Watch the video documentary, “Finding Kalman,” approximately 28 minutes long.  You will have to cut and paste this link into your Chrome or Firefox browsers ONLY

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AND read the Washington Post article (Cut and paste this article into Firefox or Chrome):

AND Read the article by Evelyn Torton Beck, “From “Kike” to “JAP”: How Misogyny, Anti-Semitism, and Racism Construct the Jewish American Princess” (it’s one of the assigned readings in the syllabus).

Do the following:

Write a minimum of 2 paragraphs (minimum of 10 full and meaningful sentences per paragraph) discussing the following (and only use the documentary, the Washington Post article and the article by Torton Beck):

1. What did you find interesting about this video?

2. Discuss the concept of “ethnic or racial passing” (when someone who is Jewish for

example, passes, even unintentionally, for someone who is non-Jewish).  This also occurs in other cultures.

3. Discuss the role of art as a way of communicating racial or ethnic oppression, such as anti-Semitism.

4. Use the Washington Post article and the video to discuss the role of “memory” (not forgetting) regarding anti-Semitism.  It’s important to pull out specific examples from this article and the video.

5. What RELEVANT issues/concepts can you pull out of the Evelyn Torton Beck article, “From Kike to JAP…” to use to analyze the video?  Remember, not every concept in the article is relevant to the video.

The Institution of Slavery in American Society