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In this week’s Discussion, you explored Braithwaite’s theory of reintegrative shaming. This theory falls under the broader umbrella of labeling theories, which suggest that labeling a criminal offender as “deviant” or “bad” increases the likelihood that he or she will continue to reoffend. Labeling often begins during an arrest and continues as the offender stands before a judge and serves his or her sentence. It can also occur outside of the criminal justice system once friends, family members, and co-workers learn of the crime.

In this Journal, you consider how labeling contributes to the criminal path of first-time offenders. You also explore how diversion strategies may be a viable alternative for first-time offenders.

Write a 300-word Journal response to the following prompts:

  • How can labeling affect the criminal path of first-time offenders?
  • What diversion strategies could be used as alternatives for first-time offenders?