Summary .

Part I Directions:

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Choose any five theories, topics, or key terms from any of the Reading Assignments/Study Guides that you enjoyed learning about during this course. For each topic you choose: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Name the topic What psychologist(s) discovered, created, hypothesized, or studied the topic? Find a summary of the topic from a reputable scientific, psychology Internet source. Copy and paste the summary (you must completely cite your source) What is your interpretation/summary of the topic? Re-write in your own words (be specific enough to explain the topic). Explain how have you applied, or how will you apply, the topic to your life? Give an original example for each.

Part II These are the topics you do. Classical Conditioning see chapter 6 Operant Conditioning. see chapter 6 Defense Mechanisms. see chapter 11 Stereotype. see chapter 12 Psychological disorder. see chapter 15 For the reference ,

Notes: please explain all 5 question in details.

For full credit: • • • use full sentences, in context for all answers! for full credit, show a college-level of understanding of the topics! this grade will be based on complexity of topics and answers

Floods and Erosion Control