You will be presented with a situation showing the details of how a company is currently working, a manufacturing plant with various stand-alone computers and printers, and you will research and determine the best configuration to help the manufacturing plant network their computers and include connections to the Internet for all computers. You will need to explain and support the decisions and be able to explain how the changes will benefit the manufacturing plant, including describing how the changes will be managed and implemented.


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 Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points Provided an executive summary of the project including all parts of the report.30Explained the potential success of the project including advantages in the areas of saving money, saving time, and potential future IT projects.40Included details about the types of individual computers that will be installed (brand, RAM, CPU, etc.).40Included information and details about other types of hardware that will be required for the installation (routers, printers, etc.).30Included information about the server to be used and how it will connect internally to the network.40Added information about how the network will connect to the Internet (firewall, monitoring service, connection type, etc.).30Provided the timeline for the project to be successful that integrates all portions of the work breakdown structure.30Used correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary.10Total250