ADMOL 662 School and Community Relations

Marion County Schools’ Community Relations Plan

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  • Review the Marion County Schools Community Relation Plan

1.       Research and describe the community using all pertinent data.

2.       Give and overview of the schools in the district.

3.       Describe the Components of the communication plan

4.       Give your analysis of the communications plan

Three to seven pages double spaced.  See

Content for background reading and rubric.


For an exemplary submission:

  • Research and describe the community using all pertinent data
  • Area description (urban, suburban, waterfront)
  • Community resources and activities
  • Primary sources of employment
  • Percentage of poverty
  • Percentage of college graduates
  • Median income  – cost of homes
  • Ethnic demographics
  • Churches  – primary affiliation
  • Availability of private schools.
  • Access to higher education
  • Overview of school district.


  • Give an overview of the School-Community Plan


  • Describe the mission, vision and core values
  • Review Components
  • Discuss objectives, goals, strategies and methods
  • Assessment and Accountability



Analyze the plan

  • Strong Points
  • Area for growth
  • Changes you would make

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