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I’m working on a communications question and need a sample draft to help me learn.


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A researcher thinks that cell phone notifications influence a person’s stress levels.  The researcher wants to determine if a person who is receiving cell phone notifications is more stressed compared to a person who is not receiving cell phone notifications.


  1. What is this scenario’s hypothesis (just copy the words above in bold, that’s it)?
  2. What is the independent variable (Induction X) in this hypothesis?
  3. What is the dependent variable (Observation O) in this hypothesis?
  4. In 7-10 sentences, explain what would happen in this experiment.  How would you test this hypothesis?  What would the participants do?  How would you manipulate (Induction X) and measure (Observation O) the variables?
  5. Is this experiment a Pretest Posttest Control Group Design or a Posttest-Only Control Group Design? How do you know?

The Role of Emotion in Motivation