Hi, I need help writing a persuasion speech. I need help mainly on writing an outline and creating it into a speech.

For this assignment you will prepare a persuasive speech to give in class on a topic of your choice. Your goal is to use what you’ve learned to persuade your audience on a position or a call to action. You will have 3 minutes to inform your peers on a topic and persuade them to agree with your position and/or course of action.

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Your outline should contain the following information:

  • Topic
  • Goal: what do you want to convince your audience to do?
  • Strategies you plan on using: Specify exactly which ones from the textbooks
  • References (3+) with a brief explanation for each on why you chose them. Why are these credible sources to use for your argument?


  • The goal of this speech is to be persuasive. You will be evaluated based on the content on your speech as well as your delivery. The content of your speech should be based on relevant, trustworthy, and up to date sources. For this assignment you should find at least 3 sources on your topic (more always helps to be better informed). Your delivery should be clear and interesting. Take into consideration your verbal and nonverbal actions in your delivery. In your speech make sure to address the following:
    • Present a topic or issue
    • Advocate for a position or action supported by evidence from at least 3 credible sources
    • Use persuasive strategies to support your arguments

Persuasive Campaigns Efforts to Gain Public Support for An Opinion