This was due today the person did not do it then did it incorrectly. I need this by 8pm tomorrow. I need this done correctly!

 This assignment must have two peer reviewed articales less than 10 years old. You must use the attachment. It needs to be two to three pages in length. The interview is attached. I am not sure I covered all the bullets in the interview. It may need filler. See rubric below. Select a licensed professional counselor

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APA Format

Selected a licensed professional counselor, described interviewee’s professional background and rationale for selecting interviewee.

  Interview a licensed professional counselor

APA Format

Gathered information about interviewee’s position, responsibilities, credentials, training, and involvement in the profession, specialty area, job market, self-care strategies, and advice to counselors-in-training. Demonstrated meaningful reflection on interview experience and described relevance to experience as a counselor-in-training.