Prepare a 13- to 18 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation examining how population trends lead to urbanization and animal decline.

Suggested Presentation and Slide Format:

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Best practice involves:

The entire presentation should include slides of the same or similar format and construction.

Each slide should have a title

  • Include a summary text or bullets and visual content (that is cited as a reference as appropriate).
  • Slides should not be all visual content that is copied and pasted from a reference
  • Slides should not include lengthy text sentences or whole paragraphs
  • Each slide needs speaker notes.
  • Required Content Needs to Include:
  • Cover slide with the cover page information

Introduction – this should be a standalone slide that introduces the audience to the entire presentation

Refer to Table 1.3 in Ch. 1 of The Human Impact on the Natural Environment, which lists the five stages of global economic development.

Examine the population trends in the two most recent stages of economic development:

  • The Atlantic industrial era
  • The Pacific global era
  • Compare the environmental conditions between these two eras and with what occurred in the first three stages of global economic development.

Explain how the population trends in these eras led to urbanization.

  • Choose one of the world’s urban agglomerations listed in Table 1.7.
  • Identify three environmental effects cause by urbanization in this area.
  • Identify a specific animal population decline that resulted from urbanization in this area.
  • Conclusion – this should be a standalone slide that summarizes the content and includes an overarching takeaway message or call to action for the audience
  • Population Urbanization and Animal Decline