The Presidency/Race and Politics/Civil War
DUE: Questions (10)
1. Watch: Lincoln (2012)
a. Rating: PG-13 (violence and gore (moderate), profanity, mild drugs, alcohol and smoking (moderate),
frightening and intense scenes (mild), depiction of civil war and slavery, racism)
b. Link: —
2. Read:
a. Review U.S. Const. amend. XIII; amend. XIV, amend. XV(Amendments 13 through 15)
b. Emancipation Proclamation (1863).
c. Cory Rosenberg, Spielberg’s Lincoln: An Ambitious Pastiche, 80 Pennsylvania History: A Journal of
Mid-Atlantic Studies 329 (2013).
d. Harold K. Bush et al., What Historians Think About Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” 38 Cinéaste 13 (2013)
e. David Zarefsky, Lincoln and Historical Accuracy, 18 Rhetoric and Public Affairs 155 (2015).
f. Alan Greenblatt, What ‘Lincoln’ Says About Today’s Congress, NPR(2013),

The Institution of Slavery in American Society

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