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It has become very obvious in recent years that we still have some deep divisions concerning racial and ethnic relations in this country.  Institutional racism exists in many social institutions, and our country has been very vocal and divided concerning immigration policies lately.  We have seen the rise of the BLM social movement, but also the rise of several white supremacist groups.  The tensions have boiled into conflict multiple times throughout the country.

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Please ponder the following questions while knowing that there is no simple solution.

How can we promote people in this country to become more empathetic to other racial and ethnic groups?

How can we prevent the increase of racism in modern society?

Will racism ever totally disappear?

What can an individual do to fight against racism in everyday life?

Is our country truly as divided as the media seems to indicate?

How can we as a country become more accepting to all of our citizens?

What role can education play in bringing different cultures together?

Sociology of Race and Racism Summary