For this 2 to 3 page assignment imagine that you are scheduled to interview a practicing psychologist about what his/her job is like (this is known as an “information interview”).  If you could only ask the professional 6 ethics related questions what would they be?  Give this careful thought.  You only have 6 questions–what key aspects of the profession, with ethics particularly in mind, will you focus on? 

Write your 6 questions and below each construct a hypothetical response.  How would your interviewee answer each? 

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Note:  You don’t have to be an expert on professional ethics to complete this assignment. Base the responses on what you have learned about professional ethics so far. 

The assignment requires:

Evidence of academically mature insight and use of critical thinking skills.

Clear and thorough articulation of key points.

Compliance with APA paper source crediting and formatting standards.

Minimal to no grammar, spelling or basic writing errors.